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Originally Posted by heycal View Post
Wait, let me get this straight: You're one trumpeting AC/DC and talking about how groups like Radiohead and the Chili Peppers are better than the Beatles and the Stones, and I'm the guy whose in over his head and out of his depth?

Once again, there is really little debate about this in serious circles. Only contrarians or imbeciles would argue that the Beatles and Stones aren't the cream of the crop. Which group do you fall into?

Perhaps because it's well-known that that era produced the best music? Doesn't seem surprising to me.
oh my lord, you're thick, aren't you? I am not 'trumpeting' AC/DC at all, just pointing out they have given the world some memorable riffs and don't deserve 'horrific' status. I don't own a single AC/DC album, personally, not my taste at all.

I just stated I am bored by the Beatles and find Radiohead more interesting.

Your original premise is so ludicrous as to be almost forgotten, but I note how you are happy to bow to Rolling Stone on The Beatles while conveniently ignoring the presence of both RHCP and REM on their list of all time greatest albums..

you can't have it both ways...

in summary, my preference for Radiohead is a question of taste, but your premise of REM and RHCP as the worst bands of all time is a question of sheer stupidity.

there is really little debate about this in serious circles, as you might say...
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