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Default How to improve quickly.

Decide to.

make an agreement with yourself to work on serve and return, first strike.

Find good practice partners and treat them well.

make an agreement to get the reps you need to improve: consistency weapons sequences serving returning attacking net on short balls second serve speed and rpms

Lose weight if you need to.

Start split stepping.

Unit turn/coil early, before any ball bounces.

Use the non dominant hand/arm to point to the side fence after unit turning. It will solve a lot of problems, such as: coiling more, earlier preparation, more kinetic pathway.

Play down to get confidence.

Use practice to add and match play to subtract.

Uncoil faster.

Defend your contact point.

Master lull-jam-finish modes.

Learn to recognize quickly weaknesses of opponents.

Learn to protect your own.

Video tape your self to check on form. Buy a gohero pro camera at about $279. HIgh quality fps and easily edited.

Shadow swing.

Use a flex bar to increase endurance and speed/coiling and to prevent tennis elbow injuries.

Practice to improve.

Play for it, instead of the victory only.

Feel no fear.

Feel the ball, and realize in pressure, it's all about feel without fear.

Change your string and frame to match your style.

Realize that in match play, it will always come down to: who holds more, wins more second serve points, and who breaks more, and wins more second serve points.

Decide to become faster on unit turns and preparation/coil/uncoils.

Let low balls come closer and attack high balls farther out.

When returning, gauge your contact point off the sidelines in front.

One lunge step only.

Decide where to hit returns ahead of serve.

Decide where to serve ahead of time.

Use all types of spin and pace against opponents to see what they don't like.

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