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Originally Posted by dennis10is View Post
Can I join your crusade (or do you prefer jihad) for the final solution to the 1bh blight?

2 handedness is next to Godliness. So say we all.
Not sure what you misplaced sarcastic aggression is about. Talking about
over the top reactions?? If this is an anti MTM thing, you may want to
reconsider, as Oscar seems to prefer to teach the one hander.

If someone wants a 2hander, I'm glad to help and teach it. I'm just merely
stating that I would not encourage it over the 2 hander for jr who is looking to
be his best; assuming they are trying to make a decision on this.
Feel free to mention all the reasons you prefer the 1 hander. I guess you play
with it?
I don't see you badgering the folks making their case for the 1
clearly you are biased in that direction for some reason, right?
I use both myself, along with a lefty Fh at times : )
MTM Instructor
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