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Originally Posted by 5263 View Post
Ok, this one is reasonable, since we are talking about 1hander vs big serves.
...what do you see?
See any 1 handers in the top 10?
Flavio who has little data against big servers, right?
Anyone I'm missing?
Even this stat can be misleading, but I guess the best we have.

I looked at the better ones at the top like DJ and Ferrer and their % of pts won
against big servers like Fed and Delpo were 10-20% higher than Youzhny's at #20.
Now 10% may not sound like much, but that was nearly twice as good in many
cases. Like where Youzhny's 12% against Fed vs DJ's 22-24% against Fed.
Just evidence though, not proof of course.
I'm not saying anything really. Just providing some #'s in case ppl want to use them for argument's sake.

only youznhy in top 10 for 2nd serves.
the other 1 handers seem to be in clumps toward the lower half of the top 20's.

Maybe the stats might look different at lower levels such as 6.0 / open players. Idk.
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