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Originally Posted by wmilas View Post
So. I've been hitting with Gut (Pacific Nat 17)/MSV CoFocus (1 for the last two years. I love it. I'm a heavy ball baseline player. Unfortunately I also turn 40 this year. As I've started playing more hours per week I've had a bout of T.E. Never head it before and let me tell you, it sucks.

I'm on the whole recovery routine. Ice, twisty exercise, meds, ect. Its to the point where its barely noticeable. Unfortunately I had to switch out of my Gut/Co to Gut/Biphase 18. My wife uses Biphase and I have a ton of it around. I keep a third stick strung With Biphase/OGSM for wet weather. I notice that my TE elbow was not as bad using the wet weather setup, so I strung a stick with gut/Biphase. Its allowed my TE to heal.

Here is the problem though. The spin is not the same as Gut/Co. I'd like to figure out which synthetic cross has the most spin. I'm guessing I'm looking for a smooth surface maybe mono filament, possible flat. Obviously it has to be soft. I break the gut in 8-12 hours so It doesn't have to last forever.
I had the same issues. I arrived at the same conclusion and - to cure my TE - went to the same set-up you have. Lots of people with TE find that this combo is the best performance to comfort ratio around.

To your question on multis: I spent nearly 6 months (and over $800.) play testing polys, multis, and gut hybrid combinations - I tried just about everything and I researched everything I could find on the subject. I settled on a NATURAL GUT and POLY hybrid in the end - you just cannot beat the performance, comfort, feel, spin, and control you achieve for the money (honestly, you do spend more, but the difference is significant). That said, there are many multis that when combined to polys can perform well if you are on a very limited budget. Here were my findings:

MULTIS to Test:

√ Yonex Tour Super 850 Pro 16 String 8.95 / no reels available
An innovative structure of high elastic multifilament and our exclusive "Power-Spin Coating" that will generate superior spin while maintaining the response and feel of natural gut. A distinctive "Pre-Stretch" method combined with double winding nylon wraps helps maintain string tension and optimizes playability. Noted: Stringforum reports that string plays well at lower tensions (51#). Pro version stiffer with more control.

√ Mantis Comfort Synthetic 16 String 9.00 / 99.00 reel
MANTIS Comfort Synthetic has been specifically developed to provide a soft string with gut like feel and playability whilst the special double coating enhances durability. Thousands of micro fibres are compressed and then nano coated to provide a core with superb feel. This is covered with highly durable monofilaments before the string is coated by a special elastic resin bonding process.

√ Tourna Quasi Gut String 17 8.06 / 99.00 reel
RSI reviewed: Our playtest team found Tourna Quasi-Gut 16 impressive even for a soft nylon, giving it ratings in the top 20 in four separate categories: 5th overall for Touch/Feel, 6th overall (tie) for Playability, 7th overall (tie) for Comfort, and 11th overall (tie) for Power. Bolstering these results are the teams’ well-above-average ratings for Tourna Quasi-Gut for Control, Spin Potential, and Tension Retention. As a result, Unique Tourna Quasi-Gut 16 is tied for 16th overall out of the 140 strings we’ve playtested to date for publication. Additionally, our playtest team told us that Tourna Quasi-Gut 16 doesn’t sacrifice playability for durability or vice versa.

Other strings to consider or play test:

Ashaway Dynamite 17 Soft String Optic Green 11.50
Ashaway Dynamite 18 Soft Blue String 11.50
Gamma Revelation 17 String 7.25
Wilson Sensation 17 String 7.95
ISOSPEED Professional Classic 17 String 9.99
Head FXP Power 17 String 8.95
Prince Recoil 16 String 18.00

Chris Edwards from TW told me when reviewing these various multis: "In order of my preferred cross strings from your list: Yonex 850; Mantis Comfort; Tourna Quasi Gut; and Prince Recoil (for more spin)."

√ - best value

That all said, when I was using my POLY / MULTI hybrid, I had settled on SP TORNADO 17g and Mantis Comfort Synthetic 16 String - which was a great set-up for about $24. for two racquets. This was the best combo I could find at the time in 2010 - until I moved on the the current GUT / POLY hybrid I have now (noted below) which (when you buy the MSV Co-Focus by the reel) comes to $36. for two racquets (a $6. difference per racquet). In the end, I felt I could rationalize that cost when I was having the GUT / POLY hybrid playing well AFTER over 30 hours of play and I was cutting out my POLY / MULTI hybrid after it went dead after 16 hours. In the long run, GUT / POLY plays better and is CHEAPER as it holds the tension and plays LONGER.

Something to consider.
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