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Originally Posted by ChicagoJack View Post
Hi Big Kahuna,

Super cool, thanks. I've sorted and ranked all of those suggestions by stiffness, and worked them into the big list on the opening post. The Yonex string looks promising. I'm thinking that it must be new? Either that, or it somehow slipped past my search criteria.

PLEASE let me know how the Yonex plays. I have purchased some, however, the hybrid set-up I have usually lasts 30-40 hours and I have a ways to go before I restring. That is one of the things people like about the MSV Co-Focus 18g - it starts out stiff, then gets a little mushy for an hour or two, and then plays great for hours and hours (even after it is dead, it STILL feels pretty good in a gut/poly hybrid).

I think one of the reasons MSV has such a nation of followers is that is is such a superb VALUE (price to performance) which (when you buy the MSV Co-Focus by the reel and use Pacific Classic Gut) comes to $36. for two racquets.

In the end, I felt I could rationalize that cost when I was having the GUT / POLY hybrid playing well AFTER over 30 hours of play and I was cutting out my POLY / MULTI hybrid after it went dead after 16 hours (max). In the long run, GUT / POLY plays better and is CHEAPER as it holds the tension and plays LONGER. Maybe the Yonex can be a SOFTER version of the MSV.

The reviews have been outstanding.
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