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Default Welcome One and All to the First Annual Box League Games!

Welcome one and all to the first annual Box League Games!

As some of you may remember I did a blog regarding my tennis life many moons ago that crashed and burned due to personal issues. This time around I want to make a better and more comprehensive guide into the life of a mid range 4.0 player here in Canada. Being a 4.0 player here means I will be competing against players that are 4.00 to 4.99. The top end 4.0 players are what top end 4.5 players are in the USA. I'll be posting general information regarding my game, and the results of my matches throughout the next year, (or at least I hope to!)

Here is the meat and potatoes of the system we shall be working on here:

1) This is a box league format. You live and die by the box you are placed into by the reining president of the club.
2) Matches are to be played in sixty (60) minutes or less.
3) Matches are best of 11 games. First to six (6) wins. In the event of a five (5) all match, a tie-break shall be played to determine the outcome.
4) At the end of each season, results will determine which box you are placed into.

This time around will be my second “season” of box league. It's a continuous club competition that goes full year round to my knowledge. This season there are 11 boxes. I am placed in box 6, very middle of the road. Boxes 1, 2, and 3 are Open to 5.0 respectively. Boxes 4-5-6 are 4.99-4.0 respectively. Boxes 7-11 are below 4.0 ranging to 1.0. This season runs from November 20th, 2012 to January 27th, 2013. I have 7 other tributes in my box that I must compete against to be crowned champion of box 6 to advance further in competition.

The main goals of the league are to:

Get plenty of match experience over the course of this year.
Hone present skills and strokes to a higher level.

Some simple information about myself that has most likely be echoed for years around this forum:

I'm 6'0 tall / 180lbs / Young Adult
I play defensive tennis with offensive minded striking ability. I serve larger then average for my level.
I've played as high as top end 4.0 in the past for singles, but due to injury/burn out I dropped drastically in ranking.
I'm a complete gear head. Stay tuned for my delves into madness with different gear as I also heavily test string for “the other forum” and I test rackets as they come in for my shop.
I'll also be uploading videos of my strokes and match play as often as I can get a recording set up. Here is the first one of my serve taken by my coach.
Last but not least, I with you all well and I hope you enjoy the journey to the depths of my tennis soul!


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