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Originally Posted by 5263 View Post
I never suggested discourage the one hander.
Not sure how you see the stats as exaggerating anything except a 1 handers chances.
Why start a point in a hole when there is a better option?

No reason to look at second serve pts since this whole pt is about big 1st serves.
Even looking at 2012 avg means little in general imo. I think you have to look
at results against big servers 1st serves to be on topic.
Some of the 1 hander players didn't have much exposure to the big servers,
so their stats looked better imo.
I think the advantage is way bigger than these stats when watching a match
where you see Fed chip his rtn into the pt, as opposed to DJ rifling back rtns
with authority whenever he wants to be more aggressive.
1hbh players start the point in a hole whenever they are returning? watching the top players never felt that way. and these top 1handers regularly beat lower ranked 2handers who might even have big serves. 2h doesn't mean you'll be able to return like Dj some day and 1h doesn't mean you won't be able to return better than Fed some day. also I'm not a fan of Feds chip return but it is very effective. most of the time you cannot hit a winner off that. Fed made the best out of it and achieved a winning record that won't be matched in a long time. return is important but serving even more so. not all great 2h returners have great serves and if you do congrats you have high ranking but vast majority never achieve that kind of level so you can't sit pretty cuz you have 2hbh.
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