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Originally Posted by NLBwell View Post
Just picked a year at random from when Federer was #1.

Four of the top 10 guys who were best at winning points returning first serves were one-handers (I'm sure higher than the percentage on the tour then). Maybe it is just that there are less one-handed guys these days. Playing lots of matches on clay courts certainly affects the statistics.

2005 1st Serve Return Points Won

1. Rafael Nadal
1520 4123 37% 89

2. Guillermo Coria
1395 3843 36% 82

3. David Ferrer
1191 3329 36% 72

4. Nikolay Davydenko
1268 3577 35% 86
Few things to take into account imo.
1st is that 1st 4 are all 2 handers.
2ond is looking at the yr total doesn't tell us about who they faced.
the yr I checked...2012... the top guy with a one hander had not faced the
known big servers.
3rd is I looked at how to 2handers did against Delpo & Fed's serve, then looked how top
1 handers did. In each case I looked at the % was way better for 2 handers.
(I also looked at several other big severs and each case, 2handers were significantly better)
Your point is well taken though.
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