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Originally Posted by boramiNYC View Post
1hbh players start the point in a hole whenever they are returning? watching the top players never felt that way. and these top 1handers regularly beat lower ranked 2handers who might even have big serves. 2h doesn't mean you'll be able to return like Dj some day and 1h doesn't mean you won't be able to return better than Fed some day. also I'm not a fan of Feds chip return but it is very effective. most of the time you cannot hit a winner off that. Fed made the best out of it and achieved a winning record that won't be matched in a long time. return is important but serving even more so. not all great 2h returners have great serves and if you do congrats you have high ranking but vast majority never achieve that kind of level so you can't sit pretty cuz you have 2hbh.
So now you are suggesting the 1 hand rtn is just as good because players can
win with it? really?
No one said you can't win with a 1 hander or that a 2 hander can make you
serve better, lol. No one said that rtn was as important as serve, did they
No one said Fed couldn't chip into a pt with his one hander or that all you had to
do was have a 2 hander and sit pretty.

Really surprised that it is hard for anyone to see that against a very big 1st
serve, that the 2 hander has an edge, but I guess if you are confused by all
that distraction above, maybe that explains it??

Maybe I was lucky to have a very big server make it more clear for me. He
told me that whenever he sees he is facing a 1 hander he feels it is a big
advantage for him and explained that he now had a low risk place to go any time he
needed it. If facing a 2 hander he felt it was way more risky to go at the body or
to the Bh wheel house, because it may just come back with interest from a
2 hander. If they had the 2 hander, he then focused on overpowering the Fh
when he needed to go that route, which he could do, but was way harder than
overrunning the 1 hander Bh.

The overpowering option is not something most of us have, but with very big
servers, on important points, they can bear down more thru the box and limit
the risk and having to go to a 2ond serve.
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