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Originally Posted by RJYU View Post
We all use the same patterns on the clients' racquets, due to the fact we want the knots to be in the same place. We don't all use the same knots because we each came into the company using different knots, and the knots don't make a difference in our end product. Nate and Glynn use a nice tidy knot, and I use a humongous ugly knot, or as Nate likes to call, "that beehive piece of sh**."
What surprises me is that the knots i've seen from you guys are all pretty tight and short cutted, especially the gut. I was wondering if there was a moment the gut actually snapped when making the knot?
The reason i'm asking cos it actually happend to me trying to do the same

(Babolat VS 1.25mm)
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