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hey guys, just updating you on my progress!
So i took last week off to work fulltime on this app! I am really happy with the result so far and hope i can commit it to the app store by the end of this week or at most beginning of next week.

@3fees: I have looked into this method but human error is a big issue here. With a 30 fps camera, selecting the frame the ball is hit and lands, the error can be 10 miles off. I dont think that a human is more precise than 30fps.

Solution: 60fps.

In the App i am using this approach and it works very well. There will always be a slight error in accuracy but it is reduced to the very minimun possible. And i guess we can live with a measurement that is about 2.5 miles off.

please keep on letting me know what you think at:
Because this really gives me a boost to work hard and make this happen.

I'll let you guys now as soon as i am ready!
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