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Originally Posted by Andyroo10567 View Post
MUCH much better pictures above. I could not find at least 2. Only found 1 crummy photo. I'll keep posting the pictures the guy sends me of the stringers and the prices. Hopefully theres one DEAL that comes across.
Do a google search and click on images

Looks just like the EAGNAS 700 a four point machine. If you look at the EAGNAS down near the bottom of the page it says it's similar to a Winn Pro II.

EDIT: Remember it is a glide bar machine. Good news is it is fast but if you do many ATW patterns or fan pattern you are going to run into problems. I had a 700 and if you string many large frames they may not fit on the Winn Pro II. The EAGNAS side supports did not open far enough for some rackets.
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