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Finally got back on court. A bit busy IRL, so I had to make do with shadow swinging for a week, just working the ulnar deviation/radial deviation part. People probably thought I was epileptic, doing that move while walking in public...

I got out on court, did some drop hitting inside out forehands, just concentrating on the stretch-shortening cycle, relaxing the arm and dragging the butt of the handle to the ball. I think this is a great way to start, even before half court play. Really lets you focus on technique.

Played a set with the usual guy I play with (and always lose to). I beat him 6-4! First time ever. The forehands had some pop in them, and I was playing without thinking about technique! Honestly, I have never ripped the forehand like this...maybe ever! Usually it's my backhand that causes the damage, but today I was cracking forehands to the smart targets crosscourt and inside out!

Was making sure to catch the ball at the top of the bounce as much as possible, staying loose and relaxed, and striking with intent. On return of serves I could visualize what I wanted to do...and actually did them! All the hard work is starting to pay off!

Anyway, here's some footage. I do see some issues when I get forced out wide to the forehand. Footwork needs improvement on these wide balls. I do get to hit it, but the recovery needs work. Suggestions would be most welcome!

I also need to work on the reverse crossover for running around the IO forehand. Need a more positive first step, so I don't get caught late with the weight going left (Cheetah's pet peeve).
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