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Originally Posted by Irvin View Post
mmk I think your figures are a little bit off. You're assuming the $40K includes the price of all the customization work and stringing. I think the $40k is just so they're available to your beck and call for premier tournaments. Services are extra. It costs a lot of money to haul machines, supplies, and personnel around the world. You figure they need to be there for three weeks just for one major, that is 12 weeks a year for just the 4 majors. Expenses (airfare, lodging, meals, and misc) for one person for 12 weeks does not come cheap.

Would you follow a challenger around the challenge circuit for $100/yr and customize and string all his rackets? Would you follow Roger Federer around for a year for just $40K? Even at $40K a year if P1 only had one customer they would go belly up pretty quick if they did not have the ability to bill for services.

Truth be known I don't think the guys at P1 are making as much as it seems. Why do you think Ron told Rick he would never string another racket if he won the lottery.
I was just using the $40K from your earlier post, I have no idea how much he is spending at P1, or for that matter if he is the one actually paying the bill. Wilson may be on the hook for that. Plus, my understanding is that P1 doesn't go to every tournament, only the big ones. There are a couple of contributors here who could correct me on that if I'm wrong.
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