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Originally Posted by WildVolley View Post
Is that really true?

From what I've heard, Argentina is going into another period of hyperinflation, which is going to mean less money to spend on tennis clothing.

It is too bad Argentina is run by economic imbeciles, as the country is otherwise a nice place.
Aha, i am from argentina, i live in the city of tucuman (north of the country) and i can say to you that we are with hyperinflation (again) , is horrible how the prices get expensive and expensive every week... The money here (peso) , the value of that money, doesnt exist at all... I give you an example, here a barricade seven (the one that murray uses in the JJOO) , the cost is around the 800 pesos, is the same if you in USA have to pay 800 dollars for a pair of tennis shoes... A good racquet ( a pro racquet) cost 1000 pesos or more... So you can see that now is kinda impossible to buy tennis stuf, if you are not a millonaire...
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