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Originally Posted by psv255 View Post
You called it sureshs

Sorry, I must be missing something here, being new and all -- why are TT admins deleting posts/threads related to MTM/Wegner? Is it purely based on marketing, the fact that it's a form of "product review" on a forum?
most of it is probably based on the fact that the arguments tend to become heated and personal. what sureshs likes to call fun, i guess

why mtm, why wegner? the controversy about Oscar Wegner and his teaching goes on for a long time now, way before i joined tt
some of what he teaches is different from mainstream, the video about the
1HBH being proof of that i would say
also, he seems to be quite confident about what he contributed to modern tennis teaching, being a pioneer of teaching how the pros play,etc.
that doesn´t sit well with some posters
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