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Originally Posted by Timbo's hopeless slice View Post
oh my lord, you're thick, aren't you? I am not 'trumpeting' AC/DC at all, just pointing out they have given the world some memorable riffs and don't deserve 'horrific' status. I don't own a single AC/DC album, personally, not my taste at all.

in summary, my preference for Radiohead is a question of taste, but your premise of REM and RHCP as the worst bands of all time is a question of sheer stupidity.

there is really little debate about this in serious circles, as you might say...
AC/DC hasn't "given the world" anything. Instead they feel inflicted misery and heartache to all who have been unwillingly unsubjected to their nighmarish reign of terror. They are a blight upon humanity.

If you paid attention to the thread, you'd realize the REM and RHCP designations as "worst ever" are limited in scope.

As for preferring Radioneck to the Beatles, that's fine. I personally listened to way more Doors and other bands than I did the Beatles or Stones. But I wouldn't be stupid enough not to acknowledge that they are clearly and obviously the two greatest bands ever.
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