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Originally Posted by FrisbeeFool View Post
Please, watch some pro tennis on tv. You will see players like Federer, Almagro, Wawrinka, and Haas hitting monster one-handed topspin returns against the the biggest servers in the game.
I'm pretty sure that most of us here watch quite a bit of pro tennis on TV. But the fact that some pro players can hit monster topspin 1HBH returns tells us little or nothing about how the 1HBH and the 2HBH compare, in general, on service returns.

Also, the idea that the 2HBH is a more versatile stroke on returns did not originate in this thread. Lots of very experienced coaches seem to hold this view. For example, here's a video on the subject by the head coach at BYU, 2012 USPTA professional of the year:

So I don't think it makes sense to foreclose the discussion by saying "watch some tennis, players hit good 1hbh returns too" and "either one can work, it's a matter of preference." Sure either stroke can work, but the question is whether there's a difference in what they can do, and how readily they can do it.
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