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Originally Posted by treblings View Post
why mtm, why wegner? the controversy about Oscar Wegner and his teaching goes on for a long time now, way before i joined tt
some of what he teaches is different from mainstream, the video about the
1HBH being proof of that i would say
also, he seems to be quite confident about what he contributed to modern tennis teaching, being a pioneer of teaching how the pros play,etc.
that doesn´t sit well with some posters
Yes, it does go back a ways. I think some of it lingers mostly from 2 former posters.
One was a Braden know all, who tried to crush anyone who disagreed, and
the other would write long pages on details of Oscar's exploits. It may go back
even further, but those guys seemed to draw a big line in the sand on the topics.
I came along as those two battled and then went away. I just like to see MTM
technique represented as one of the approaches to learning and mastering the
game. Some will really have exciting growth and improvement with it. Some
never get the simple, but subtle nuances of it and that is fine, but not a good
reason to try and block others who may really benefit.

There are many like Ash, who do get most of what MTM shares, but don't see
it as the best way to get the info across. I respect that. I don't get all that
MTM states either, but have learned thru experience that often I will get it later,
in the right setting. I initially thought the idea of "waiting" was as silly as
most of the anti Oscar crowd here, but reserved my final judgement due to the
quality of the other things expressed. Then one Sat. morning I found myself in
a doubles match against 2 really outstanding servers that were killing us with
their pace. After a couple of desperate games facing their pace, the silly idea
of waiting came to mind. What a great time to try it with nothing to lose, right?
Getting smoked anyway, lol.

Short story is I tried to wait by believing there was more time and that the pace
was causing me to OVER react. I relaxed and quit rushing, but still got after
the ball. It worked for me so I shared it with my partner, who had noticed how
my rtns had picked up. He did better as well and we found a way to come back
and win that match due to this silly tip that I had thought was ridiculous.
So my intention is that these tips should be available here on this tips forum
for anyone that might be helped. They are the best imo, but clearly not for
MTM Instructor
Pro Supex Big Ace
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