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Originally Posted by NLBwell View Post
With the revenue generating sports - football and basketball - using something like 100 scholarships, that means you have to create teams for scholarships for 100 women and find 100 women to fill them before you can put a single guy on scholarship in another sport. That's why you have situations like the 60 Minutes exposed where colleges are giving scholarships for the women's tennis team to guys who are hitting partners for the gals. They just can't find enough qualified women to fill the spots.
Of course, they could reinstate the team and just not have it be a scholarship program. You would have players come in and pay their own way or be able to qualify for scholarshiping thru academic means or grants. You know, the old fashioned's not un-heard of...with hard work and the BIG10+ budget and some creativity they should be able to compete after a little while with MOST teams.
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