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Originally Posted by floridatennisdude View Post
So, a school like Ga Tech which is 2/3 male will not need to offer 50% of the scholarships to women. A school like Savannah College of Art and Design that is 3/4 female, would need to offer more than 50% to women.

Football does suck up 85 scholarships. Most schools have to make up that difference. That is why it is very common to sponsor varsity women's volleyball, crew, tennis, soccer, equestrian etc and not have a male counter sport.
Truthfully, this just comes down to your administrators and how they interpret the NCAA. We had great ones then had crazies. At a school that was 70% male (D3, non-scholarship), in the end we had to have everything totally equal...every opportunity...practice players...everything...ground us to a halt. Much of the NCAA rules come down to interpretation...they say very clearly..."we want you to have the leeway at your institution to make decisions. If you have questions or concerns, come to us. If there are problems or if things get reported to us...then we will come to you".
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