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Originally Posted by frenzy View Post
It's a mental technique, imaginary. I learned this technique from the book Smart Tennis and putting it into practice on serves. It's just part of the preparation of your shot.

Ps: The more you do it , the more options you can create and the faster you decide and visualize (even just a few milliseconds before the shot). I am now in the phase neutralize the server when it's big, attack on the opposite corner on server where I have more time. Try to practice, you'll it pays off .
I use it time for training, but would not use it in a match. No way I'm going to
try to force a ball to a spot if that is not where it needs to go. When I predetermine,
it tends to narrow my options, which may be good for some, but not in my best
interest. When the ball comes, I see things and it is clear for me where the ball
should go.

I don't agree in principle, so I wouldn't want to go in that direction. Maybe it helps
someone if they are not seeing the right options in real time?
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