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Originally Posted by jgrushing View Post
My point exactly was that the pain was very mild and manageable. I am telling people the same thing that you are in general. However, I have read much over the years on TE, including the Flexbar research article and the abstract. There's nothing to suggest that the participants were essentially pain free. It even says that your elbow will be sore after the exercise and that is an indication that you are accomplishing something.

TE is a very frustrating injury. Trying to describe pain is difficult. How does one know if the pain is soreness related to strengthening and improving a tendon as opposed to further damage. It's a dilemma.

There was also a great deal of argument on the board about the colors of the FlexBar. Most suggested the green one for "most men." I will concur that, for rehab purposes, I would not suggest more than the red.
Green is definitely not the way to go if you are in pain. I used red while I was in mild pain and green when I was pain free. I agree green is better for men, but not while you are in any type of pain. If you are a strong guy even blue would be ok for strengthening.

If you are in moderate to severe pain you should just completely rest your elbow for awhile- weeks to even months till it goes away.

flexbar doesn't work for all types of TE- it works for most common cause. But if you have actual tear or a spur impingining on the tendon it is not going to work.
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