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Originally Posted by Avles View Post
Stich did have some success against Sampras, but I don't know that his service return was the reason.

I actually just glanced at Sampras's book "A Champion's Mind" (on Google Books). In his section on Stich he mentions Stich's second serve as a strength but says nothing about the return.

And Pete says if he were creating an "ultimate player" from his opponents he'd use Agassi's return, but he'd also take a look at Hewitt and Chang's returns. So I don't think he'd agree with FrisbeeFool's take.
I went to a utube vid and watched Pete and Stich feast on each others 1 hander
with just about any 1st serve they put there. Thought they should have used it
more, but seemed to save it for bigger points.
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