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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
Dan, I have got a paper from Joe McCauley with the date of January 2nd for the Kooyong 1960 event.

Your style of discussion is terrible. You ignore my results of the 1958 Perrier Cup that are verified results and claim:"I only counted verified results". I find this disgusting. You only rate results as "verified" which are positive for your darling. The Perrier Trophy shows that your God had some poor streaks (3:14!) and was not invincible as you sometimes insinuate...

"Guesses do not count", you write. But it's you who sometimes write about "facts" that are not facts but speculation. YOU wrote that Hoad has the edge against Rosewall on clay even though we still miss many results from the early 1960s when Rosewall dominated.
January 2 for the REPORT or the match?
McCauley stated that it was held Jan 2 to 7, NOT DECEMBER 25 to JANUARY 1, as the New York Times reported.
In other words, McCauley got it wrong and I corrected him.
Thank you for admitting this, FINALLY.
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