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Originally Posted by woodrow1029 View Post
The rules are not that the kids have to refer to the official. The rules are that the umpire can only overrule immediately without an appeal from the player.

I mean, seriously, JLyon (another certified official) has already pointed this out, and the OP is obviously trying to learn something here, so why fill his head with incorrect information.

Now, here I am, another certified official saying the opposite of what you are saying, and you will probably come back and say again, "No, the rules are that the player has to appeal". LOL.
Ok Im glad thats the way it is, because most younger kids seem afraid to ask the officail. I just hope they install it more because I have seen cases where an umpire will tell a kid afterward that he saw the call but didn't overrule. I guess i was just mistaken because i had never seen it that enforced. My bad on being wrong as you guys would obviously know over me.
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