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Originally Posted by tennisbuck View Post
Ok Im glad thats the way it is, because most younger kids seem afraid to ask the officail. I just hope they install it more because I have seen cases where an umpire will tell a kid afterward that he saw the call but didn't overrule. I guess i was just mistaken because i had never seen it that enforced. My bad on being wrong as you guys would obviously know over me.
You also have to remember that a huge majority of the time, the call is not as incorrect or incorrect at all as seen by the parents or the player. The official can only overrule a CLEAR mistake, and a lot of parents think that their kids' opponents make a clear mistake, when either it is not a mistake at all, or maybe a wrong call that clipped the very very outside of the line, which is not usually a "clear mistake". Yes there are some bad overrules, and yes there are some clear mistakes that are not overruled, but if you went to some of these junior tournaments and listen to the parents, you would think every call that their kid makes is excellent, and every out call by their opponent is a clear mistake. Those are usually the parents that wind up threatening lawsuits against the officials that are correctly doing their jobs.
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