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Good advice so far above. I've had this happen before, and it's the tennis equivalent of yips in golf, where I was getting so tight and uncertain that I couldn't even get the ball off across the court for the rally effectively as my strokes deteriorated rapidly. After I was done and my hitting partner (a stranger) left frustrated, an old man on the next court invited me to hit with him. He told me to stop thinking, and instead of trying to further control the strokes and hitting it softer, he told me to do the exact opposite and hit it as hard as I can. Within 5 minutes, my game was back (having sprayed the ball all over the place at first). This worked because over-thinking and adjusting by hitting softer (impromptu on-court adjustment) were resulting in strokes that aren't my typical way of hitting, which created a bad cycle of further doubt and worst mechanics. By simply letting go and hitting hard, it forced my mind and body to let loose and revert back to more instinctive strokes.
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