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Originally Posted by woodrow1029 View Post
I will also add to my rant (even though this part isn't about foot faults), while I'm in the ranting mood, that I am tired of parents threatening to file lawsuits against officials because an umpire gave their kid a code violation with the reason that the official gave the code violation because their kid is a different race than the official. Or players filing lawsuits because they were defaulted from a tournament based on lateness rules when they showed up an hour after their scheduled time, again with the reason being that they are of a different race than the official. Or, any other stupid lawsuits to try to intimidate the official to not issue a code violation. Or lawsuits when a parent thinks their kid's draw was "politically motivated" or "racially influenced" when their kid has to play the #1 seed in an earlier round. And, yes, this crap happens. Ok. I'm done ranting for now.
Oh man. When you say that this really happens, do you mean people threatening law suits (which is bad enough), or actually filing them?
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