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Originally Posted by Sakkijarvi View Post
We can consume unlimited bandwidth here at TW and it won't change the facts. No one calls footfaults at the rec level.

Instead of getting hot and bothered at your keyboard, think of it along the lines of the phantom double play in baseball. Sure, the letter of the rule is one thing .. but decades of practice ... and thus tradition ... say otherwise.

Like the OP said, calling footfaults at this level will lead to some angry people. If your recreation includes aggravating people and acting like an asshat, have at it.
There are many players at the rec level who step a foot or so into the court a full second before they hit the ball. If they do this every single time they serve, it's perfectly OK to say "hey, watch the foot fault, you're faulting on every serve". The 'asshats' are the people who never said anything and prevented the player from correcting his flawed serve at an earlier point in time when it was probably easier to do so.

If the player steps an inch or two onto the baseline, probably not worth worrying about.
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