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Originally Posted by woodrow1029 View Post
I do agree with you for calling an official once the match started, and I don't think that is gamesmanship at all. I do see, however, that someone could see it as gamesmanship when you warn them about it during the warm-up (trying to get into their head), although I'm not in any way saying that is what your intention was. Even a lot of pros foot fault during the warm-up, and I don't think you really are in a position to say anything to them in the warm-up. At that time, you don't know what they are going to do during the match.
I think warning people about FF during the warm-up is kind of inappropriate.

I mean, people do a lot of things against the rules in warm-up on account of how it is warm-up. They catch balls. They let balls bounce twice. They hit serves wide and long.

Wait until the match starts and then see if there are flagrant FFs. If so . . . well, do whatever you have the guts to do about it.
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