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when I first encountered Oscar and his work I was impressed by unconventional but many insightful points he makes. he is unusual and he has very sharp eyes and minds. but he has flaws in reasoning ability and some kind of aggrandized self image that defies questioning. I'm sure there can be many capable instructors like you who got inspiration from him but when a teacher loses the ability to examine his beliefs and correct himself, the students should know what to take and what not to take because that teacher is done for good. and being defensive and assuming all the critiques are the enemies will hasten that demise. so it's up to you guys.
Hey boramiNYC, I am not an instructor! I'm just another Silicon Valley drone, trying to find on the tennis court the part that seems to be missing from the rest of my life! I prefer to stay in the technical realm, and apply whatever I learn to my game, be it from Oscar or someone else.
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