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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
Doesn't count for much. Federer has said how he idolized Sampras and Laver, so it is no wonder they return a compliment. Both also had a 1 handed backhand, so they see a continuity. JMac likes the all-court game and has a 1 handed BH too. It is more like these guys are siding with Federer against Nadal, who is their common enemy because they know he can bulldoze his way through their fancy elegant strokes any time. These guys have just not been able to face up to the Rafa-Fed head to head count.
If you follow tennis and watch more often, it's clear that you hear most people say Federer is the greatest. Sampras and Laver said Federer is the greatest(I've posted their quote for the umpteen time). And I don't blame JMac and other ex-players, who believe 17 > 11.

Nadal is not on Fed's league anyway. The closest player being close to him is Borg.
Federer > Davydenko > Nadal > Federer
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