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Originally Posted by rosenstar View Post
So I'm graduating soon, leaving the ranks of college tennis and entering the world of USTA leagues. In all likelihood my job is going to be about 75% travel. Are their leagues/organizations that help organize matches for people who travel for work?

I you're doing travel that is regular, you can probably find a league that plays on a certain day and time of the week.

Example: you travel Mon-Thu, USTA league plays Saturdays at 9am.

Most leagues are like this and are easy to find near your home. Finding one while on the road might be a little trickier. It woul be cool if you were able to play 2 leagues at once in different cities. Say, a Monday night league in Charlotte and a Saturday morning league in San Antonio. That would be pretty cool. It would require a lot of individual research on your end.
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