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When looking at these return stats, you can't just say, look, there are more 2BH so there. That was what drew my first post on this thread. If you want to look at top X (lets say top 20), you need to understand the backhand profile of the pool of players that produced it.

So if data is collected on 10000 players, and 10% of them have 1BH, then you'd expect to see 2 in the top 20. If you see three, you can argue that the 1BH is better. If you see one, you can argue that the 2BH is better.

But taking a step back, and again, considering the 1BH as a path you'd put a junior on, I don't think you can dismiss it. Same point. If 10% of aspiring pro boys have 1BH but 25% of top 100 pros have have 1BH, it can be argued that the 1BH junior has a 2.5x better chance of being a pro.

I tend to agree that 2BH is a better choice vs first serves. I think it's hard to put a finger on why a larger percent of 1BH make it thru to the top level. But I liked the point made earlier by NLBwell:

Originally Posted by NLBwell View Post
...the variety of possible shots and the processes that you have to go through as you develop to have a really good one-handed backhand help the player progress.
So agree that a player w a 1BH approaches the game differently and uses the variety of his 1BH to set up the rest of his game. I think the point is that the 1BH player is less likely to depend on a simple game based on power and more often, look to set up their strengths.

Interestingly, Nadal plays a game that is very much like a player with a 1BH would play. Against any sort of big or wide serve to the BH, he tends to go with the slice rather than his 2BH. And his footwork and determination to get FH shots are very much like most 1BH players.

Also, I think players sometimes hurt themselves going after the 1BH because thats a predictable play and then the 1BH player is just playing on half a court. It seems like this is often the case for Fed. In fact, except for when Fed plays Nadal (who breaks down nearly everyones BH...not just Feds), the players who have success against him actually break down his FH and have either great xcourt FH (Del Potro) or great DTL backhands (Djoker).

But on the whole, I'd also say that the rarity of the 1BH helps a player with a 1BH succeed since they are a different animal that requires different tactics and you are forced to hit different shots - some that are very uncomfortable (such as trying to hit a 2BH off a short chip return).
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