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Originally Posted by BirdieLane View Post
If you want to look at top X (lets say top 20), you need to understand the backhand profile of the pool of players that produced it.
I don't agree, but it's a semi reasonable theory I guess. You can come up with
a ton of reasons why pools produce one thing or another. Maybe the current 1 handers
would be way better with 2 handers. We just don't know. Maybe your theory is
right, but it doesn't agree with what I've seen or experienced. Like Frisbee says,
watch a match and see how 1 handers fare against big 1st serves. It's not pretty.
Maybe more players use 2 hands because they realize it is more versatile overall?
We just don't know why. Likely mostly due to starting young and needing 2 hands
to control the stick.

I think you have to realize that we are talking of one narrow area where the 2
hands is markedly better at doing a certain thing. Not saying it is better over
all or that you should not choose to play with the one hander. If you don't mind,
or even like going to the slice more often against big first serves, then by all
means, consider the 1hander if you like it. I think the 1 hander requires less
demanding movement and positioning than the 2 hander. Do you want to debate
that idea of the 1 hander being better?
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