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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
The meaning of head to head is very simple. No need to bring extraneous factors in. In tennis, the person with the better H2H is defined to be the better player. That is all.

Lack of understanding of this is the basis of umpteen threads about "I am the better player but I lost to a pusher." No dude you are not the better player.

The head to head is actually not "simple". It takes takes some understanding of tennis to grasp it, which some people like yourself don't understand.

Playing a match on clay is not the same as hardcourt or indoor. You understand this much, right?

Therefore, the head to head will be different according to surfaces. They have played the vast majority of their matches on clay, Nadal's BEST SURFACE, Federer's WORST.

Nadal was not good enough to even reach Fed in many hardcourt or indoor tournaments where he would have been beaten.

If you don't grasp these things then you just don't understand tennis very well.

Think of it like this:

Right now you, surehs, have an EVEN head-to-head with Federer, the possible greatest player ever. Pretty awesome right? Not really, because its not that simple. You aren't good enough to qualify and make the first round of an ATP event where you would be destroyed by Federer 1st round, should you draw him. It's the exact same with Nadal, he failed to make later rounds in tournaments on Fed's best surface whereas Fed advanced to meet Nadal on Nadal's best surface.

Take some time to think about it, maybe you'll understand it at some point

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