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Originally Posted by kc571 View Post
Very late to this game. Is there a link to where these targets are? Also, I've read here to avoid the center of the court. I've typically thought that if I hit up the middle, my opponent will have less angle to work with (and the higher net if he wants to kick it out wide). If I go cross court to his forehand, I help him by increasing his angle, allowing him to hit it even sharper back to me.
Here is one of the pics of the smart targets thanks to BU.
you can see the triangles

There are very good times to hit down the middle if you can keep it strong, deep,
or both; like returning a very tough serve or even hard GS.
Hitting down the middle weak and short is the best way to get in trouble in
the point...allows them to use their strengths against your weakness immediately.

These targets are designed to give you easy ideas on where to go and not to
go, sort of as a default if there is no overriding issue. As the other poster just
stated, they are designed to give you max safety margin while still being aggressive.
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