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The PC600 is tinny and harsh feeling compared to the Elite Pro, which is my all-time favorite and from almost the same mold as the thinbeam Prestige.

Gotta start with a Graphite Edge. Really lovable racquet. Cheap to find, too.

Then find a Graphite Pro - one of the original black ones, or a later turquoise metallic one (though those tend to have the classic Head malady, BGS (Brittle Grommet Syndrome). Everyone thinks that "CAP'ing" a Graphite Pro is brilliant, but I think the extra weight of the full-bumper grommet detracts from the manoeuverability and overall playability of the Graphite Pro. The earlier model of the GP has a black grommet kit, and the black plastics on Head racquets seem much more durable than the later white stuff (introduced in late '87/198.

Then I'd find a TXE - a rarer beast, but the Head marker for the PS85, and, IMHO, a better, sweeter racquet than the Pro Staff Mid.
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