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Originally Posted by Say Chi Sin Lo View Post
Like the PS Tour 90/N90 where the center is denser and perimeter being more open?

Or like the K90/BLX90/PSBLX90 where it's universally open?
Seems more they've shifted a couple down the frame - the spacing seems not to have changed to any specific plan - they sync back up. The holes for the main strings match.

A merged pic. The white lines are the 1993 frame, the red are the 2012 frame. On the 2012 frames the cross strings are symmetrically placed and centred perfectly on the PWS section - on the older frames they're placed off-centre towards the top of the PWS section.

The individual pics:
1993 PS - Taiwan >
2012 PS - China >
Note: the holes near the right side of the pic - which is the head end fyi - appear not to line up either. They do, it's just a result of the camera distortion towards the edge of the pic)

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