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Originally Posted by Rozroz View Post
this is interesting cause it means the low tension had a honeymoon period,
at least with Chris.. or that he cannot test many racquets with low tension for some reason.

Chris already addressed this question earlier in this thread. If I remember right, his feeling is that he would really prefer low tensions, but because of his job at Tennis Warehouse, he frequently has to test frames that are strung at "normal" tensions, so he decided not to play exclusively with low tensions.

But I could be wrong. Bottom line is that Chris started this thread because he found some very attractive characteristics of poly at low tensions. Whether or not he decided to stick with the low tensions is inconsequential. For me, low tensions are wonderful. I play with Polystar Energy and I restring (myself) every few matches. My game play now is higher than it's ever been, mostly due to the string and frame setup. My strokes haven't really changed in years, but my game has improved overall because of my equipment. No doubt about it.

Anyway, it doesn't matter whether or not Chris stayed with low tensions. Other people have. I have. It's terrific.
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