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Playing mixed doubles, my partner starts her serve motion with her front foot about 6 inches behind the baseline. She normally moves her front foot about 4 inches forward - so a 2 inch margin for error.
In a league match, at 6-all in the 3rd set, in the tiebreaker, the opposing male calls a footfault on my partner (from his baseline) and says it is the required warning. Later in the tiebreaker, he calls a footfault on my partner on a second serve and claims the point, giving them the minibreak that was the difference in the match. It is entirely possible that her toe could have touched the line since she does move her foot even though it would be a very rare occurance, so I can't really overturn the call based on that, and, of course, no one other than the guy who called it was looking at it. If the tip of her toe did touch the line, it would have been at least difficult to see even from the opposing service line.
After the match, I told him I didn't want to have a beer with a person like him and left, forsaking the traditional refreshments.

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