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Hey all! Yeah Filip is definitely better, and he is going to continue to improve and be alot better than I am. Right now if im playing well we could have a competitive match, but he would win at least 8 out of 10 times Id think. Ive beaten several ranked players up to about current top 600 and some former top 300 and better, but I think Filip has a pretty high ceiling of course to far surpass that. We nearly faced each other in Winnipeg Futures, but I lost that 4 hour match 1st round where I played a little shaky, and Filip beat that guy in the second round in straight sets pretty convincingly. I didnt see the match unfortunately, but I believe most days I would have beaten the guy I lost to.

Filip is a great player and I wish him good luck, seems like a good guy too. Im still improving and I will definitely be better 2 years from now than I am currently, barring injury. If i play a few futures this year I like my chances at picking up a point, Ive been close.
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