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Default Serving Landing Foot


I'm 17 years old and I've been playing tennis for about five years now. I've enrolled in a juniors' programme in Vancouver Canada, and the coaches are set about improving my serve. I've been described as the most aggressive player in class, and I usually do S&V. The dominant style there is aggressive baseline, which makes me a slight oddity there.

The issue is that I never seem to be able to "jump off" during serve and I leave my left foot on the ground during the motion. At contact I am standing on the tip of my toes of my left foot. After that I land on my right. The serve is usually consistent and the weight balanced; I usually serve a wide slice on the deuce side and up the middle on ad side.

The coaches (along with another one on individual lessons) said that I should land on my left foot, but I couldn't seem to do this in balance and the return just wizzes past me. Also, if I land on my right, it would form my "first step" to the net. Any suggestions?
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