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Originally Posted by sbengte View Post
Disagree with the OP. When Djoker decided to continue playing MC and face Nadal in the final despite his personal tragedy, that was when he ceded whatever mental edge he had gained over him in the past year. It was like an open invitation for Ralph to destroy the man who was already down and probably didn't want to be there playing. This definitely gave Nadal the belief to beat him later and perhaps put a little bit of doubt in Djoker's head the next time they faced each other.
Contrast this with Ralph who smartly avoids playing when he thinks 'he is not at his best' rather than accumulate losses or cede the mental edge he has over players.
This isn't true. If it were, why did Nadal line up in 2011 for beatings nr.4,5,6 against Djokovic after the serb beat him 3 consecutive times in finals? Or nr.7 in AO 2012?

Why didn't Nadal avoid Soderling at RG after losing in 2009 to him? He beat him 2 times there after, the very next year in the final and in 2011 QF.

Blake,Berdych circa 2006, Soderling at one point, Djokovic 2011 and beyond, all had the mental drop on Nadal yet Nadal never shied away from taking the battle to them, if his health allowed him to.
For example, do you think Nadal avoids Davydenko, who has a positive h2h with him?
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