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Originally Posted by krosero View Post
Thanks for this, I updated the opening post. I got the same set-by-set figures but added them incorrectly.

Jimmy just squeezed by with the third set.

Other than that it was not really close. For the match as a whole, Connors won less than 50% of points on his own serve, which is usually a sign of a rout.
Yeah, his first serve brought him nothing in this match

And he was inferior even in longer points, if we can call points with 5-8 strokes longer

Points by lenght of rallys

1-4 (171) : 95-76
5-8 (60) : 37-23
9-12 (4) : 2-2
13+ (1) : 1-0

And what do you think about that situation when Jimmy had point for 4-1 in fourth set, maybe that could turned the match in his favour?
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