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Originally Posted by Say Chi Sin Lo View Post
I think squeaky shoes during a point is fine, and inevitable.

Some people I know at a local park squeak their shoes on purpose right when I'm about to serve/at the toss. And I do warn them if this match meant something, it's gamesmanship and I will call hindrance.

One squeak is fine with me, I'm going to believe in the good will of people and the ONE squeak is coming from the split step.

But if they get all happy feet and I hear "squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak", it's hindrance and I'll go out of my way to remind them on every single point.

The squeaks doesn't bother me, but I'll fight fire with fire. If they want to throw me off my game by distracting me, I'll throw them off their game by reminding them it's hindrance. And we all know what happens when a tennis player is prohibited from their on court habits . Their game falls apart.
The squeaks are only a hindrance if your opponent is doing this for the purpose of distracting you. If they are moving their feet to split step on your toss and they squeak, even several times, it is not a hindrance.

Personally, at the club I play, the courts are such that when I am wearing new shoes I squeak every time I move quickly and there is no way you would bully me into calling a hindrance.
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