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Originally Posted by hersito View Post
What are you talking about? hyperinflation was in the 80's to have hyperinflation you need to have at least 50% a month, now we have at worst a 20 to 25 % inflation a year, and the salaries follow the inflation. 800 pesos is 170 dollars at official rate or 130 dollars at black market rate. A wilson blx juice or pro staff or a head speed is about 1100 pesos about 220 or 190 dollars Is not as bad as you want it to make it.
You are correct formally hyperinflation means (at least) a rate of 50% a month.

Actually Argentina has an annual inflation rate of 25%, and currently is in the 4th place of the countries with more inflation in the world. Also comparing that rate with "neighbour" countries such as Brazil, Chile, Colombia, México and Perú that have an annual inflation around 3% to 5%, Argentina's inflation rate is 5 times bigger...
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