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Originally Posted by Timbo's hopeless slice View Post
sigh these things always get into a beatles argument..
I sense a theme here. LOL....Federer agrees, but Rafa does not. Novak prefers Maroon 5. Murray, like most Scots, likes ac/dc.

Originally Posted by Dedans Penthouse View Post
....Jon Bon Guido.... ...
Is that the guy from Bon Jersey? Good call.

heycal, you sparked a fun discussion. Thanks. But, man, the whole concept of saying something is overrated is...hahaa, overrated.

Underrated? Well, plenty of great musicians and excellent bands on that list.
The concept of 'overrated' takes into account the machine, the suits, the business of music and the feeble minded. Oh, and fake/manipulated download numbers.

So if you believe they put a man on the moon...
kidding. I really liked Chronic Town, Document, Murmur, Fables, Dead Letter Office, Green ... and that's about it. REM went on to breathe life into a lot of crap bands. For that, I agree with the OP in some ways.

Oh, and remember when RHCP came out with that Stevie Wonder cover, Higher Ground, and Fight Like A Brave? I liked the tunes, and figured they'd be good live, but I think we all saw something remarkably cheesy about them. It was clear: this band would torment us for decades.

Funky bass and hooky melodies aside, they are indeed overrated. I did like Raindance Maggie for whatever reason.

This thread, to me, is a thumbs down for the music industry, and a call to explore real music that is not what the man is telling us to download.
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